Products and Services:

We are not equipment suppliers. We do not do cabling. We do not write software. In short, we are independent of any vendor. What we do provide is knowledge and expertise that will help you successfully negotiate the minefield that is technology, and deliver a successful implementation of technology.

We are able to provide you knowledge and expertise on how to implement technology into virtually any environment. Whether it is a retrofit programme, or part of a new build, if you are only looking at Building Management Systems, or BMS, HelpDesk, and security systems, or if you wish to go “the whole hog”, we can show you how to exploit technology to gain the best benefits from it.

We have implemented systems for Touch screens (sometimes also referred to as kiosks), Plasma networks (sometimes referred to by the CAN acronym), In-Building GSM and 3G networks, Wi/Fi, WEB, Intranet, Internet, etc. We can help you design your IP network, including IP Telephony, IPCCTV security systems, or just standard IP data networks. We can help you design your pedestrian counting system, you Centre Management IT systems, through to your management reports.