About Us:

Consumers are getting more sophisticated, demanding more for their money, and are demanding a more interesting shopping experience, which means Retail is changing. Landlords are looking to enliven their existing properties; and Developers can no longer just provide space. There are many reasons for these changes, not least the increasing sophistication of the consumer; but it is the emergence of new technologies that is enabling retailers, landlords and developers alike to meet or exceed the expectations of the consumer.

Whilst technology is having an ever increasing impact on Retailers, Landlords, and Property developers, it is changing at such a rate it is difficult to know which technology is right for the job at hand, which technology will have a future, which technology will capture the interest of the consumer.

There is a lot of technology available, but how to implement it? How to integrate it into an existing system? How to integrate it into my building programme? Will the technology deliver me higher levels of service? Will the technology be usable? Will the technology generate additional revenue?

RetailWorks has the answers. We have the team, and we have the experience. We are technologists through and through, but with a proven track record of delivering viable solutions that work, capture the attention of the target audience of generating non-rental revenue, and all in the retail environment.